Thursday, February 24, 2011


There's many questions come into my mind recently. Why do human have feelings? She said, feelings make us know each others more. Another she said, feelings make life harder. Well, the answer is "depends". Feelings make us know each others better only when you response naturally when feelings come. If you response unnaturally which mean it's fake then feelings just make life  harder. That's why it makes human complicated.

How you react when your closed one, either is friend or lover cause you feeling really bad? Some people will choose not to confess out, rather keep it to themselves. But, they have their own reason why they do so. Some people will choose to confess everything out. There's no correct or wrong in either both way. I'm not good in describing my own feelings to people so I'm actually not very sure am I handling all these well too. What I believe is, be true to your appreciate one and they will do the same too. Before that, we have to be true to our own self.

Human nowadays are getting complicated as compared to the past. I heart LOLS. They mean a lot to me to be honest. I don't know are they complicated people but one thing is there's no people who is not complicated. But for me, they are just nice and simple enough. At least I can know when they are happy, upset, angry, or excited.... :) Don't look down on all these. It's not an easy thing to know human's emotion especially your closed one. You can just say me innocent. I admit I am, sometimes. 

It's not very hard to be simple actually. I don't know if you know. People used to wear mask frequently when facing their closed one and the one they care the most. Take off your mask, that's it!

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