Monday, February 14, 2011


I get myself an Iphone4 on 25th December 2010. For me, it's really an awesome phone, no doubt! =) Its solid-three dimensional design attracted me at first sight with a beautiful enclosure a mere 9.3 millimeters thin, making iphone 4 the world's thinnest smartphone as of June year 2010. I'm not very sure is it still the word's thinnest smartphone now haha. Moreover, its screen is ultradurable and more scratch resistant than ever. The most most most surprising is it's recyclable, environment friendly. 

Besides, it is a very high resolution phone therefore provides very excellent color and contrast from almost any viewing angle. It's perfect when playing games, isn't it? Iphone4 is made of stainless steel which is created to be five times stronger than standard steel. In inventing this phone, apple engineers developed A4 chip which is powerful and energy efficient. Therefore, Iphone4 can perform complex jobs such as multitasking, editing video, and placing FaceTime calls. There's no second phone that can perform better than Iphone4, seriously! No offence, It's my own personal opinion. 

Iphone4 camera with 5 megapixel and HD video. Photos captured are satisfying so far even in low-light setting. There's a LED flash built in which perfect the picture when in dark place. Most phones have only one microphone, however Iphone4 has two. The main mic is located on the bottom next to the dock connector which is mainly for phone calls, voice commands and memos. The second mic is built into the top near the headphone jack which is maily for FaceTime calls and for making your phone calls better. This dual-mic noise suppression helps make every conversation a quiet one. 

Last but not least, Iphone4 is really good in multi-touch display and innovative software which other smartphones can't beat. No offence, again! With Iphone4, we can control everything just using our fingers. 

Yeah so I don't feel regret after bought it. I'm proud of Apple products and still I'm apple fans! =)

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  1. Ehh so ngam. I also bought it on the 25th haha. But January la. (: