Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thanks =)

Its name is Kiyo. Therefore, simultaneous equation came out as, 1.Kiyo = Puppy and 2.Kiyo = My sister hence the last equation could be "......". LOL, figure out yourself. I'm just like to fool my sister in this way =p Anyway, ain't it a cool name? Kiyo Kiyo Kiyo~~~~~

I spotted Kiyo when I was in Kuching but didn't get it home, I like it a lot though. Haha, but then unexpected she bought me when came to KL this time. Thanks for the gift! You'r the best sister I ever have =D

Let's introduce Kiyo's family members to you all. Tada Here they are~ 

 Coala & Doggy




Say Hello, babe =D

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