Wednesday, May 4, 2011

some updates...

Yeah~ I'm having insomnia and few hours later need to register course for next semester. I scare I would miss the course registration if I go to sleep now. Better wait until everything is settled, then only sleep! :) Another 1 hour 20 minutes to go~ It has been a really long time I never update my blog. Mostly is because I have nothing special to update. There's no happy or sad thing that's remarkable all these time. Still, there's many uncompleted thing that's waiting for me. 

Anyway, this semester is going to end soon. Now I'm having study week and will have my first paper on 11th, a week later for the second paper! Ish, one week gap in between. I have not start any revision yet for the e-commerce paper and yeah I'm not going to start so early. Last minute again, perhaps? I don't really do well for the both subject coursework, anyway it won't be that hard yet feel relax. Maybe because it's the first time I having so less subject in final. Wish PFE lucks! :) After Final, need to busy on packing things because decide to move out from current unit due to the sudden increase in rental. 

I met an old friend on last sunday. It was an embarrassing situation. I don't know what's really on her mind and maybe I'm just nothing for her, yeah I guess so. Sometimes, we just have no choice but force to make a choice. There's not about you are making a correct or wrong decision. As long as you think it's worth, so that's it. And, I just insisted what I think it's correct! Everything is alright, it's just I had lost a friend. 

Anyway, tomorrow have a date which was made one month ago, with a very important friend in my life. Weee, it's her birthday. Hopefully she would enjoy the meal with me haha. I had have a new hairstyle and bought a new shirt, waiting for tomorrow dinner haha! XD Huck Seng, we're visiting you again :)

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