Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Appreciate Your Life For Your Loved One!

I don't understand why. Why nowadays, human ain't appreciate their lives? We as our parent's child, should think for our parents before making any decision. Parents bring us to this new world, and we are given the ability and power to build our own personalities, attitudes to live on this world. Life is precious. Some people who are sick, trying their best to survive although only one more day longer in this world. 1 day is short, but this is a lot for them as they can spend 24 hours more with their loved one. So, how could those people with good health going to make an end for their lives by themselves? We might be depressed due to some obstacles. However, human is powerful. Whatever obstacles or challenges are faced, we can overcome it if we think positively. Human's ability has no limit, said to be infinity. I always trust this! 

Do appreciate your life for your loved one! 

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