Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today! 16/12/2010

I just came back from supper with my friends. Unexpectedly, we talked about 4 hours at the mamak stall. We actually meet up everyday because we study the same course. But then when come to chat about "the path that we have traveled", we are just like a long lost friend that can chat non-stop. If tomorrow has no class or there's no exam on Friday, I think we can continue chatting which can be said as "pillow talk" at the mamak stall =p I'm really glad that I know them because I know who to talk with when I facing problems. There's a period that I feel myself is a failure person. I have been asking myself, "who would I think of when I need emergency help?" I think of no one where my brain is totally brain to be honest. But now, I have plenty of them, thanks!

Owh ya! Finally I get back the HP netbook. Thanks Rep for teman-ing me go and collect it. Seriously, she is the best GPS ever =) Anyhow, I'll train myself to be a GPS before the day we graduate =p Because she can't be my GPS forever ='( I will try my best to make it!

I should stop here. I heard my works are calling me! Now, I envy those who'r sleeping. Sweet dream guys.

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