Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Starting Point

I have opened another new account for blogging. Why? It's just simply because I want to summarize my 20 years bitter and sweet memories and create a new starting point =) Anyway, I'm not going to announce about this blog to my friends yet. I think I can guess their response, for example "Huh, YOU want to open how many blogs with a lame expression?". 

It's hard to summarize 20 years memories, moreover I am such a forgetful person. So, I would just brief through it. From 1-7 years old, I was just exactly the same as every child in the world, to be loved by everyone around me. When I'm 2 years old, my younger sister came to this world. I did not remember much about our childhood memories ='( 4 years later, I had a younger brother. Yeah, he's smaller than me 6 years old. He had big eyes, long eyebrows, and I remembered his face is very chubby that time. 7 years old onwards, my life was full of classes, tuition, exam and activities. However, I have a bunch of good friends which colored up my life. We practiced and performed together. Caklempong's and KRS's memories I would never forget. I had date for 3 times during my secondary school and because of them I knew myself better. I learned the fact that there's no forever thing in this world. I experienced a very different life during my foundation year in Malacca. I learned to be independent, patience, forgive and forget. Thanks God for giving me a house of good housemates plus coursemates. They were awesome. After one year course in Malacca, I had transferred to Cyberjaya campus. Time flies like meteor, two and half years had past in university. There's a period I was in love again but ended up within 4 months. It's not the time for me to have a partner yet I guess. And now, I am in my second semester of gamma year and this course is getting tougher and tougher. Fortunately, I have a very good coursemates - BFE, let's ganbatte together to reach our destination =)

All these years, I made mistakes. And, I'm learning from mistakes. At this new starting point, I strive to be a better person. 

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