Monday, December 6, 2010

A Busy Monday During Midterm Break

"Early bird get the worms". I woke up very early today although I only slept 2 hours yesterday. I promised my mum to accompany her to go KL so it motivated me to wake up, if not i guess i would just sleep until late evening. On the way heading to Kepong, my dad called my mum said that he couldn't find his car key plus the shop key. Huh, so we returned to TM to pass the car key to my dad because there's a spare key with my mum =X After settled everything, we continued our journey. 

First, we went to an aunty's house to pass her the 2 big rolls of cloth for making curtain. It's truly heavy man~ Then, we headed to Tiens company. The purpose I went with my mum was to help her check the agreement, she officially signed as a stockist today. 

Check see this website [ ]. If you are interested in Tiens' product then contact to

After that, we went to another aunty's house to send the VLF + PHOTON HEALTH MATTRESS to her mum. This was useful for curing her mum's leg. Then, we had our lunch with both the aunty's parent at Cheras. Then, I followed the aunties go their customer's house to measure the long and width of the curtain needed in the house. Other than getting the measurement, we still needed to match the color of the curtain with the color of the wall in the house. Today I only knew that, 1 house of curtain cost RM1.5k above~ It was considered as cheap as what told by the professionalist. Anyone interested in the house curtain can contact to the email above too =) Of course it's only available to the location around Kuala Lumpur or Tanjung Malim, Perak. 

After accompany my mum and the aunties for whole day business, I was brought to a restaurant to have my favorite seafood - Crab. I'm too hungry at the moment therefore I only manage to capture one picture. The price was cheap! It's somewhere located at Kepong. RM22 for 1kg of crab if you order 3 more dishes. I was not saying that it was really really really delicious, but it was really really really cheap and the taste not bad~

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