Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Short Trip to Genting for.......

Ah Mui~~~~~Happy Birthday! Few months didn't see her because I was busy during her holiday and she was busy during my holiday. So today my family and I purposely go Genting to visit her and celebrate her birthday which was on 13th December. We did enjoy although it was just a simple gathering. Yeah, at least I knew I did't make a wrong decision as she's getting mature =) Enjoy your big day and have fun!

Tomorrow have to back Cyber, sad T.T I enjoy this midterm break to the max! and I can sense the bitter-ness tomorrow onwards ='( Counting my works, 1...2...3...! 

Yet I decide to Sleep now and Do tomorrow =p

Another sad thing, Ryan仔 going back to Sabah tomorrow. Hope he will come back on this CNY. 


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